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Limelite Fitness is a gym where you can achieve your Body Goals. We have highly trained professionals that help you in shaping your body. We at Limelite fitness believe in working hard so that our clients get the desirable results. Along with the personalised workout we also sessions of yoga, Zumba, aerobics, CrossFit, Pilates, etc. to help everyone stay fit and healthy. The professionals design our workouts as per the need of the client. We also assist the diet as fitness goes hands in hands with proper exercise and balanced diet.

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Cardio circuit training is also provided which helps in making your muscles strong. The heart in our body is also a muscle that benefits from Cardio circuit training.



We also conduct modelling sessions at limelite fitness to help the budding models. Our sessions are hosted by Style Skool modelling having expertise in training for runway techniques, grooming, styling, etc.



Bokwa is a new cardio regime that uses dancing to the music. Your feet tap to make the alphabets and numbers literally that help you in buring a good number of calories. Bokwa sessions are also held at our gym.


TRX Training

TRX Training is the one fitness system that has been seeking attention as it helps in proper muscle alignment, core stability and muscle strength. At limelite fitness, we have experts in TRX to help you out with this regime.



Crossfit is a training programme that has all the necessary exercises such as aerobic exercise, body weight exercise and weightlifting. As it a high-intensity workout it helps in burning a lot of calories.



Everyone knows the benefits of yoga. It helps in the betterment of the immunity, relaxes the body and aids in mental alignment. We have professional yoga trainers conducting sessions for all our clients.



There is not a workout that is as fun as Zumba! The exercise with Latin music and choreographed steps not only helps in burning the calories but also helps in reducing the stress. We have trained Zumba professionals for having fun Zumba sessions.



Aerobics is a fitness regime that combines stretching, rhythmic exercise and strength training. All these together help you in being fit. Our trainers also have expertise in Aerobics to help you with it.

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What our Customers Says


I was looking for a gym to do a workout for shaping my body, and the limelite fitness gym helped me in achieving my ideal weight with proper exercise and diet. Thank you Limelite!

Ankita Singh

I always wanted to gain some muscle and increase my muscle strength. With the help of the well-planned exercise regime I am now fit and healthy like never before.

Raj Patel

Limelite fitness gym has all the equipment and well-trained professionals that helped in losing weight in the right way. I would totally recommend it.

Riddhi Soni